Women’s Spiritual Health

Mission: To position Women’s Spiritual Health as the foundation for mental and physical health.

The Path: Empowering women to nurture personal spiritual health as we support our children and families.

The Lost Tribe of Women: We stand here today because of the lineage of Women’s Wisdom that have kept our children and families alive and healthy. Each woman holds within her keys to healing ourselves, our children and our society. Uncovering our own intuitive wisdom is central to the emergence of Feminine Power that is rising all across our planet. We can do this by setting the intention to Awaken our Feminine Power and nurture our deepest inner knowing. But we cannot do this alone. We need a supportive community, a network of Awakening Women so that we do not wind up feeling isolated, overwhelmed and lost. We are meant to live as a tribe but modern society does not support this way of living so we find ways to recreate community connections that will nourish and sustain us.

Ancient Ways for Modern Times: Ritual and Ceremony* are the backbone of society. As more people describe themselves as spiritual but not religious, the need for non-dogmatic ways of connecting with our soul selves comes to the fore. Women, sometimes without knowing it, create specific rituals for their families around birthdays and holidays. We are masters of ceremony when we hostess baby showers, bridal showers, even bachelorette parties! Learning how to create rituals for ourselves and others can strengthen our spiritual health as we strengthen our families and our community.

Some of the ancient ways that are re-emerging in this modern time are Rites of Passage Ceremonies. These include BlessingWay Ceremony, Child of Earth Baby Blessing, Completion Ceremony (at age 9) and First Moon Ceremony, New Moon Ceremony and Full Moon Ceremony, just to name a few. 

*A Ritual is a set of actions performed for symbolic value and a Ceremony is an official gathering to celebrate some life event.

Ways to Nurture Women’s Spiritual Health

Women create our feel-good hormone, oxytocin, by speaking and being heard. This is why women feel rejuvenated after venting to a close friend or ally. Creating safe, sacred space for women to share and be heard, without judgment or criticism, is vital to our spiritual health and well-being. We can nurture our spirits by:

  • Learning to nourish ourselves by asking, “What do I need right now?” and resolving to provide it to ourselves.
  • Tending to our personal energetic field. Building and strengthening the aura, releasing energies that do not belong to us, becoming willing to receive, developing healthy personal boundaries.
  • Learning tools to keep our souls in alignment with our physical existence.
  • Coming together in circles of women. Drum, dance, sing, share, prayer.
  • Creating safe space for ourselves and other women by identifying the voice of the Inner Critic and learning techniques to silence it.
  • Validating our intuition and learning how to tell the difference between the voice of the heart and the voice of the mind.
  • Honoring our monthly cycles as a powerful, magical time in which we can shed that which we no longer need and receive what we do need.
  • Teaching our children self-care by taking care of ourselves.
  • Learning more about our specific soul path through astrology, life purpose numbers, past lives and intuitive readings.
  • Learning the cycles and rhythms in nature and how to honor our own natural cycles and rhythms.
  • Developing and sustaining our connection with Mother Earth and with our own bodies.
  • Healing shame and low self worth. Reclaiming our worth as Women of Earth.
  • Trusting our gut when it comes to mothering our children.
  • Being GOOD ENOUGH.
  • Validating ourselves and others through kindness to self and others.
  • Opening our hearts to love and pleasure while releasing fear and pain.
  • Embracing sacred sexuality as our birthright.

Women’s Wisdom Workshops

Teach what you know! We all know something. It feels AMAZING to be able to share your passion, your hobby, your wisdom with others seeking to learn, grow and expand. What have you always wanted to learn? Many women feel pulled toward things such as crystals, stones, herbs, dream symbols, animal symbols, natural healing techniques, meditation, chakras, auras, angels, spirit guides, past lives, etc. but either deny the inner calling or feel they don’t have time to learn about such things. Value your inner calling. Value your interests and feed them. This is how to feed your spirit: by listening to your Wild Wise Woman Self and honoring her. This keeps us juicy, alive, inspired! rather than drained, overwhelmed and stagnant.

The Big Picture

Ultimately, my dream is to create or support a Women’s Spiritual Health Center complete with classes, workshops, events, child care, community cooking, Full Moon Circles and holistic healing services. Rites of Passage Ceremony are scheduled as needed for our community. We support Conscious Birth, Conscious Parenting, Conscious Communication (for couples) and Conscious Death. This central hub for women’s health and healing dispatches priestesses to tend to women and families in times of need. It serves as a training center for women to explore their innate soul gifts, develop them and eventually, share them with the community. We establish a reputable Women’s Resource Network listing quality, reliable healers, doctors, counselors, teachers, midwives, doulas, herbalists, sitters, etc. and the services they provide. This network serves as a curated list based on first person recommendations who have had actual interactions with providers. The creative arts: music, dance, writing, film, poetry (and more!)  are celebrated and supported. All cultures, religions, and traditions are respected and valued for the Light they offer. The opportunity to explore various spiritual pathways in a safe and sacred space, with a community of conscious women and their families, and to speak about personal soul paths is the foundation of the center. And so it is!


About kimmacy1

Brightest blessings! I am a mother, a writer, spiritual counselor, ceremonialist, facilitator and public speaker sharing the path of the Divine Feminine as an essential experience of the EarthWalk. My sacred work is in Awakening the Divine Feminine in women and men while assisting people in re-connecting with their soul essence. As people bring forth the truth of their spirits, they emanate a vibration that positively impacts the cosmic consciousness and restores the balance on our planet.
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