Full Moon in Aquarius

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! There’s a partial lunar eclipse happening as I write this. Eclipses are acceleration points for the cosmic consciousness and the Aquarian energy is the archetype of the Visionary dedicated to uplifting the consciousness of humanity. As a soul with Aquarius Rising and the North Node also in Aquarius, I am the Visionary of the Visionaries, incarnated on Earth to serve as spiritual midwife to the people of the New Earth.

What is the Vision I am activating?

I call forth the collaborative team of Light Workers, Starseeds, visionary women, men, and children to come together in helping me build a Temple of the Goddess in the Heartland-Kansas City by 2022. I call forth the financial abundance, resources, the building, the land, the design, the permits, the lovers, artists, dancers, and musicians necessary to pull this Vision from the ethers into physical manifestation here in Earth. I see myself working with my creative team to do the work, step by step, to create this beautiful sacred space for all people seeking Spiritual Connection and Soul Truth to gather together in harmony on a regular basis as we affirm our birthright as co-creators with Divine.

The Temple of the Goddess is a place of healing, wholeness, and Holiness. It is a place of Ecstatic Dance and music. There is a Goddess Choir. There are Sunday morning services. There is a place for the children and a Director of Children’s Services who has her own team designed to serve the children.

We honor Rites of Passage from conception to transition through BlessingWay Ceremonies, Baptism in the Name of the Mother and the Father, Honoring Mother-Father-Children-Grandmother-Grandfather-Family, First Moon Ceremony for girls and Solar Initiation for our boys, Completion Ceremony (ages 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81 and beyond), Conscious Death Ceremony, Weddings, Unions, and Commitment Ceremonies whether with a partner or with Self, Shamanic Death ceremony when Life encourages us to let go and let die so something new can be born, Sacred Re-Birth Ceremony, Cleansing and Claiming Ceremony, Croning Ceremony for our Wise Women and Men, and always, Healing Ceremony for whatever we need for our precious spirits as we journey through our EarthWalk incarnation.

There are rooms for healing: herbal consultation, energy medicine, shamanic journey, sacred sexual healing, clearing the energy field, spiritual counseling, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage. There are a couple of Sleep Rooms which are dark and cozy, comforting and nurturing so people can rest after an intense session or relaxing massage. There is a Library and a Wise Woman Librarian there to assist you in finding the resources you need to support you. There is a kitchen where we not only provide delicious healing teas and foods for our congregation, we also serve our hungry public by putting together food donation so no child, no woman, no man goes hungry. The Goddess will provide. There is a Meditation Garden with water flowing and plants, flowers, and medicine growing. There is a yoga-dance-movement studio for our sacred vessels to move and heal. There is a Glitter Room with art supplies and constant creation! There is always music.

There are Priestesses. Women fully connected to their Feminine Power are present to serve the people in every kind of way. Different Priestesses practicing their field of expertise offering support, guidance, resources, and connections. We are the hub for the Priestess Resource Network and able to dispatch Priestesses all over Kansas City in times of need. New mama? We send a Priestess. Family member dying? We send a Priestess. Super sick and alone? We send a Priestess. Received a scary medical diagnosis? We send a Priestess. Child with night terrors? We send a Priestess. Ghost in the house? We send a Priestess.

Mama Kim’s School of Magic and Medicine is headquartered at the Temple. There are always classes available so we can train the next generation of Priestesses and Shamans. What we don’t offer in house, we offer through our extensive network of holistic health clinics, reliable professionals in the fields of health, healing, finance, education, conscious businesses, environmental conscious organizations, non-profit resources-you name it, we know a trustworthy professional who can help you.

You drive by an enormous sculpture of the Goddess and She speaks to your heart immediately. You park your car and walk up to the Temple doors, path blooming with flowers and plants. You open the heavy, exquisitely carved wooden door laden with sacred symbols and enter. The candles are lit, the music is playing, the scent is comforting, luscious, and somehow familiar. A Priestess radiating pure love welcomes you and you feel safe and seen and nurtured. Welcome Home.

And so it is. Monday, August 7, 2017 with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo. The Sun is linked with the Moon. The Moon is harmonizing with Jupiter, the planet of Opportunity and Expansion. The Moon is linked with Mars, essence of the Divine Masculine and the planet of Focus, Will, and Action. The Moon is cooperating with Saturn, the planet of Structure, Form, Foundation. Amamma! Blessed Be!


About kimmacy1

Brightest blessings! I am a mother, a writer, spiritual counselor, ceremonialist, facilitator and public speaker sharing the path of the Divine Feminine as an essential experience of the EarthWalk. My sacred work is in Awakening the Divine Feminine in women and men while assisting people in re-connecting with their soul essence. As people bring forth the truth of their spirits, they emanate a vibration that positively impacts the cosmic consciousness and restores the balance on our planet.
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3 Responses to Full Moon in Aquarius

  1. Rachel says:

    I can see it now. May the sacred place in this beautiful vision surely come to pass.

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