Protecting the Spirit Self

The world pulls at us with its constant demands, distractions, and expectations. We can all feel the pressure of it. Our day begins with the pressure of Time and The Clock. Instead of allowing that pressure to cause us to rush which leads to disconnection with our spirits, take a breath and give yourself a moment to connect with your Light Within. Breathe in and out from your belly, seeing and sensing a gold light at your center. Breathe that gold light up into your heart and see an emerald green light here. Easy does it. There’s plenty of time to respond to responsibility. When you feel pulled from your own center, remember that Light Within and return to it. 

What makes you feel connected to your Spirit Self? Have you ever felt it? It is always there, even if you feel it is far, far away. We have an inner homing device that sings the song of our souls back to us. Trust it. Listen for it. It is there. 

My connection with Mother Nature and the beauty of Mother Earth reflects the magic of my soul back to me, reminding me of the Light Within. I reach for the Sun in the morning, palms upturned, gently lifting my arms to gather the sunlight into my hands, then breathing it down into the top of my head (Crown Chakra) and down into my heart and belly. I inhale as I lift my arms and exhale as I receive the Light. Taking several of these Sunshine Breaths places me directly in my sacred center. 

Begin to notice what makes you feel separated from your Spirit Self. Is it scrolling through social media? Thinking of what to post? Feeling like you don’t measure up? Inability to share your truth with a loved one or friend? Lack of understanding from those around you? Fear that you are not on the “right” path? Breathe. Set intention to stay connected to your Spirit Self. Simply write or state: “I am connected to my Spirit. I listen to the Song of my Soul.” Become conscious of the amount of information you take in daily that either supports your Spirit or drains your Spirit. 

For specific information and unique situations on how to protect your energetic field, feel free to text Priestess Kim at (816) 510-4391.


About kimmacy1

Brightest blessings! I am a mother, a writer, spiritual counselor, ceremonialist, facilitator and public speaker sharing the path of the Divine Feminine as an essential experience of the EarthWalk. My sacred work is in Awakening the Divine Feminine in women and men while assisting people in re-connecting with their soul essence. As people bring forth the truth of their spirits, they emanate a vibration that positively impacts the cosmic consciousness and restores the balance on our planet.
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