Trump, Shame and Feminine Power

I interpret the happenings in the world through signs and symbols, lending a mystical perspective to everything in my personal life and in the world at large. So when Trump was elected by the electoral college, I searched through my own shock and horror to find some shred of meaning in this strange turn of events. I landed on his lack of shame regarding his statement: “And when you’re a star they let you do it. Grab them by the pussy, you can do anything.” REALLY??!!! I thought about my own shame around being called a witch because I am a Priestess. I thought about how I would take my bindi off my third eye when I was headed into Target or going to pick my son up from preschool. I didn’t want the other moms to think I was weird nor did I want to draw unnecessary attention. I thought about the struggle I have had explaining to my own mother what my spiritual beliefs are and how I know I’m not going to hell because of my choices. I shrank myself. I played small out of fear of what people would think. I hid.

No more.

What I have learned from Donald Trump is how not to hold shame for who and what I am. If this man, this mysoginist, racist, immature, chaotic lunatic can be elected to the highest office in the land and literally have NO SHAME for his actions, words and behavior, why am I over here worrying about what the other moms will think?? I have never intentionally hurt anyone. I have never tried to block anyone’s path-I exist to SUPPORT each soul’s path on the planet. I have no evil skeletons in my closet.

Guess what? I am a witch. But not in terms of the Merriam Webster definition which suggests evil doings or an affiliation with Wicca. I am not Wiccan. The root for the word “witch” is “to wick, or to bend.” I apply this to the way I work with my own mind and manifesting reality. I can bend my perspective, I can work with energies and move them in beneficial ways, I can transform myself, ever-evolving into more love, compassion, and understanding. I connect with the elements in nature and call to them, humbly asking their assistance in healing and strengthening myself and others. There is no shame in the way I work with intention.

I am a Priestess of the Goddess.”Made in the image of the Creator, male and female, God created them.” God contains both energies-the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. I grew up loving God, loving Jesus, having a close personal relationship with the Heavenly Father and His Son. In 2000, I discovered the Divine Feminine, a concept I had never heard of but immediately recognized in the fabric of my being as holy, sacred, and calling to me in a way I could not deny.

So on this day, when the transfer of power goes from our first African American president, a Visionary Servant of the people, to a man who serves only himself, I am firmly rooted in my Feminine Power, without shame, without hiding, without shrinking myself. Thank you, Donald Trump, for galvanizing the Divine Feminine Movement, for awakening the Sleeping Giant that is the mothers, the women, the children, the conscious people of Earth who will not allow this tyranny, this oppression, this madness to go on unchecked. We are awake. And we are taking appropriate action to protect the women, children and families you intend to harm.

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Divine Purpose in Times of Shadow

I believe in Divine Purpose. This belief has pulled me through the death of my father as a young girl, the loss of my sweet precious MeMa, soul-crushing depression, divorce, getting laid off from my super profitable corporate job, and the molestation of my baby boy. And this belief is pulling me through this time in our country in which the popular vote elected our first woman president and the antiquated electoral college elected a man who is on record admitting that he sexually assaults women because you can do that if you’re rich and famous.

I’m listening to a story on the radio this morning where a female reporter is in Kandahar, Afghanistan, stronghold of the Taliban, speaking to young girls. Young girls determined to obtain their education. Young girls unafraid of acid being thrown on their faces for going to school. Young girls stating that the oppressive power cannot eradicate their inner light. This is what we are called to do and to be. I bring light here…light unencumbered by my fear…light that will never waver, never falter, never stop shining. We can all make the decision NOW to connect with the Light of the Divine Source in our hearts and radiate it into the hearts of humanity, send it into the hearts of all leaders, send it into all structures, all systems, all governments. If you are wondering what to do now that Trump is the president-elect, it is this: SHINE YOUR LIGHT. Shine your light in the way that you are called to shine it. It could be through individual conversations with other mothers, with your children, your lover, your friends. It could be marching in protest. It could be running for office yourself. It could be prayer and meditation. However you are called to show up, show up in all your glory!

There is purpose in this. This election is lighting the inner fire in the hearts of women and their supporters across the nation and the world. We can make Divine Purpose out of this by consciously choosing to create the world we envision. Now is not the time to lose hope. Now is the time to see solutions, to engage in our democracy, to make our voices heard however uncomfortable that might be. This is not about hatred-nothing good can come from hate. But just as a mother guides her children with fierce love and strong boundaries, so must we guide our local, regional and national governments with that same determination. We choose to come together now, no longer isolated in our own thoughts and belief systems. We come together as Women of Earth and we claim our Divine Feminine Power as Change Agents all across the planet. “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” AND SO IT IS!

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Anchoring the Light

I call on all Beings of Light, both physical and ethereal, to help me in anchoring the good.

Source: Anchoring the Light

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Anchoring the Light


I’m sure that if I’m feeling the waves of despair, sadness, hopelessness and righteous anger over the horrific shooting in Orlando over the weekend, that many other conscious people are feeling it too. I tried to block the news as I was in the Chicago area to celebrate my buddy’s wedding this past weekend and I was fairly successful until we returned home. The night after we returned from our trip, I drove my teenage daughter to work then went to get gas, listening, as I  often do, to NPR.

I lost it.

Overwhelming grief completely took over and I cried and cried, allowing myself to feel the pain in my heart for this world we live in, this violence enacted by one crazy human, and I have to tell you, it was almost too much. I want to insulate. I don’t want to hear Donald Trump’s opinion about anything, much less this tragedy. I don’t want to watch the media work its angle of divisiveness, exploiting every opportunity to trigger various sides of debate: gun control, terrorism, Muslims, gay rights, Democrats, Republicans. This is NOT the world we live in, despite the efforts made to separate us from each other. There is a collective voice of conscious human beings who want PEACE. We intend to live in harmony with each other. We seek to discover the places within each of us that unite us, not divide us. We refuse to believe that the world is this ugly, this hate-filled, this scary. Because it isn’t. I was wrapped in a bubble of love and celebration, participating in a beautiful wedding ceremony Sunday. We danced, we ate, we drank, we created an energetic field of pure goodness, anchoring the light on Earth, without even knowing how powerful, necessary and meaningful this energy would be to the cosmic consciousness. It occurred to me Monday that, around the world, pockets of celebration, of joy, of love and laughter are happening ALL THE TIME. Yes, tragedy is happening too. But I cannot focus on all the horrors of the world and expect to keep myself centered in the good, emanating Light, Hope, Faith, Love, Compassion and Understanding. I have an obligation to myself, my family, the people I love (and I love EVERYONE!) to keep myself from being pulled under by the despair wreaking havoc across our planet.

My son just turned six. Every night, we say prayers. His sweet innocence, praying to God, saying, “Let all people be protected and safe, let the world be safe” is so precious me. Even at his young age, he knows what is important. He doesn’t know what happened this past weekend because he doesn’t need to know. I’ll keep him protected from these horrors as long as I possibly can. His prayers ignite something in me: Peace Over Power. Peace Over Power. Peace Over Power. I silently pray beside him, generating light from my heart and sending it to all the people of Earth. I wrap the whole Earth in this lovelight, whispering peace into the hearts of our leaders, hidden and known. I sense the outpour of heart-centered compassion flooding from so many who were touched by this tragedy. I choose to anchor the light on this planet, to see the good, despite the fact that all that is right and beautiful in the world is rarely televised. I, who live in a comfortable home, with a loving family, have a duty to walk in peace and amplify the vibration of peace into the places of shadow and pain. I call on all Beings of Light, both physical and ethereal, to help me in anchoring the good, to bring peace to conflict, to show kindness in every moment, to take conscious action to create the world we dream of living in and to celebrate the good that is in our lives. Our collective vibration can lift the hopelessness, the sadness, the grief and create a path forward into our peaceful future. It’s all we really want. Peace.

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Soul Work

I’ve always been a counselor. On my first day of montessori school, I remember comforting this little girl, Spring, who was distraught with being left there by her mother. I put my arm around her and told her it would be alright, that we could play together and her mommy would be right back. I was four years old. In junior high, random classmates from different social circles than mine called me depressed and suicidal. I talked several people, boys and girls alike, out of their depression by telling them that they truly mattered, that God loved them and that they were special, encouraging them to let go of the pressures of being “popular” and fitting in with the cool crowd. We may not have exchanged one word at school but somehow they knew they could trust me and that I would help them. Thinking back on it, it must have just been something they intuitively felt. In high school, I trained to work a suicide hotline specifically for teens. I don’t even know how many people I talked out of suicide, always with the encouragement that there was a purpose for their lives, that they were being guided, loved and supported even if they didn’t have a personal relationship with God.


As more and more people move away from the church and religion, there is an increasing need for the care and nurturing of the spirit in ways that are non-denominational and not dogmatic. Our relationship with our own soul is a very personal, private connection. Everyone connects in different ways and I like to reach people where they are and help them connect with their spirits and that Power that is greater than we are. We can get lost in our judgements of religion and Christians, Catholics, pagans, Muslims and on and on and on. This judgement can keep us from opening our hearts to the Divine Source within us and outside of us. And at this stage in the game of life, it is too critical of a situation to have so many people lost and wandering.


The amount of light on the planet has increased immensely but it has made all of us much more aware of what used to hide in the shadows. Awareness of how broken our systems truly are crash into our consciousness daily as we see the collapse of leaders, companies, political systems…it can be quite overwhelming. Our personal energy is in a thousand different directions all at once: work, home, social media, the news, past, present, future…how can we focus on solving the problems of the world when we are barely keeping up with our own lives? By focusing on and nurturing our connection to our spirits.


In this moment, consciously pull all your energy in from all the various places where it exists and center it in your heart. Imagine your personal web of life and call your whole self to this present moment. Breathe in and out through your heart center as you place yourself in a ball of white light, releasing connection to anything and anyone else. Now open your crown chakra (located at the top of your head) like you are opening a lid to a container. See a column of white light pour into the top of your head. Breathe this divine connection in, merging this loving, wise energy with your personal energy. Know this energy as Love, as Peace, as Wise and Infinite and Eternal as you can possibly imagine. Once you feel that connection strengthen and grow, direct your attention to the bottoms of your feet. Send columns of light into the earth until you reach the energetic center, the core of Mother Earth. Plug in your connection and inhale the loving presence of Mother Earth in through the bottoms of your feet, your legs, your root chakra, your belly, and into your heart. Breathe this connection in and out from your heart center. See the column of white light still beaming down from the Heavens, the powerful energy coming up from the earth, easily merging in your heart center. See your entire body illuminated by this light. Know that you are a beloved child of God, there are angels watching over you, you are perfectly and infinitely connected to the Source of all life who wants nothing but the very best for you. This connection is constant and ever-present for you, for everyone. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, or lack of belief, there is a river of love flowing to you at all times. All you need to do is tap into it.


I find that so much of what plagues humanity stems from disconnection. Disconnection from our own selves, our bodies as we spend more and more time in our minds or really, anywhere but Here. Disconnection from Source either because we disagree with specific religious beliefs or haven’t been able to find a space for our personal beliefs. Disconnection from each other because we don’t feel people will understand or we have been hurt by others who were supposed to love us and care for us. At any time, we can let go of all this disconnection and form a true connection, a soul connection. This is the foundation for healing our spirits and from here, we can experience the Soul Work necessary to ease our pain, our struggles and learn to consciously walk the path of the Spirit.

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Self Care=Self Love


The hot water beat down on my shoulders, soothing aching muscles as I struggle to wake up. As I wash my body, I’m silently singing, “I am cleansing my aura, yes I am! I am cleansing my aura, yes I am!” to the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain”. Next I rinse  conditioner from my hair while holding my belly button and Third Eye in the Donna Eden Energy Medicine practice called “The Hook Up”. This practice activates the Radiant Circuits, our pathways for joy in the body. As I towel off, I affirm that my aura is strong and connected to my physical body. I apply rose body butter, blessing my arms, breasts, chest and neck. I rub cream into my feet, appreciating them for carrying me around everywhere I want to go. I pull cozy warm socks onto my feet and throw a pretty satin robe on as I finish getting ready for my day.

By now, this practice has become routine. It has taken me YEARS to integrate all that my physical body requires in order for my spirit to live with fearless joy. My body sends me messages about what she needs and several bouts of serious depression have taught me that I better listen.

If you’re a Giver, you may find that giving to others provides you with an emotional charge, an immediate reward for your thoughtfulness and kindness. But giving to yourself may not give you that same reward. Giving to yourself is an investment in sustaining your personal flow of energy so that you can continue to give to others. But this is not necessarily supported in American society. Our culture doesn’t encourage time for reflection, leaving us with only surface-level attempts at self-care. We might indulge in a sugary, high-fat coffee treat at 3pm when our circadian rhythms encourage sleep but the demands of our lives require caffeine. We order pizza to give us a break from cooking. We devour chocolate late at night, attempting to comfort and soothe inner stress. But these are not acts of self-care; this is self-sabotage. True self care asks us to tune in, to listen deeply to what the body, mind and spirit needs in order to function at an optimum level which can only be determined by you.

Creating a Self-Care Routine is simple and only takes a little bit of time to tune in and connect with your personal needs. Set aside 20-30 minutes to consider what has been happening with your energy level. Have you felt tired and sluggish? Do life and its demands leave you feeling overwhelmed? Has your Inner Critic wreaked havoc on your attempts to create healthy boundaries? Time to take the wheel and set Intention for Self Care. Here are 6 things you can do to care for your sweet self NOW!

Step 1: Evaluate. Personal assessment requires truth and respect. It is vital to check in with how you truly feel and do your best to respect what your energy level is trying to tell you. Where is all your energy going? Are there people or situations that drain you, that you know are not good for you but you feel obligated to engage? What is your desired state of being? Observe what your body wisdom is saying to you and journal your findings. Do your best not to talk yourself out of what you feel or what you know to be true.

Step 2:  Claim Your Energetic Field. The magnetic field of the human heart extends 8 feet in diameter around the physical body. This means that your energetic field is constantly mixing with multiple energy fields everywhere you go. Personal relationships create energetic cords between us and those we care about and can be potentially draining if left unattended. Consciously pull all your energy from all people and places and bring it into your heart center. Breathe, expanding your body with the light of your own energy. Make sure that you are in your body and seal your energy field in light, imagining that you are able to contain your pure soul essence and nothing else in your secure field. Make connection with your Higher Self, that Divine part of you that is not bound by fear, pain, suffering or lack. Breathe in your connection with the Source, by whatever name you resonate with-God, Goddess, Jesus, Buddha, Great Spirit…Know your connection feeds your soul and your energetic field. photo (48)

Step 3: Establish a Resonant Field. I see creating a Resonant Field as holding space for the spirit within the person to shine through. This process used to be automatic, but as humanity became more disconnected from nature, Source and the Source Self (Higher Self), the ego has taken over, creating disharmony and confusion. Simply nurture your spirit, listen to your heart and let go of the “monkey mind” to get a sense of your own Resonant Field.

Step 4: Know Your Triggers. What takes you out of alignment? Are there certain foods or substances? The news? Family members? Co-workers? Inner self judgment and thoughts of “not good enough”? Identifying what throws you out of your Resonant Field will help you quickly re-align when you are triggered internally or externally.

Step 5: Create a Self-Care Action Plan. You know what you need in order to function in the world. Take some time and journal your specific needs. Include rest, exercise, food choices, supplements, spiritual nourishment such as meditation or Full Moon circles, emotional connections with friends, art, music…Have fun with it! A great place to start is with the Donna Eden Energy Medicine 5-Minute Daily Routine. These simple techniques support the body’s flow of energy along meridians, the neurolymphatic system and keep our energies from getting scrambled and confused.

Step 6: Return to Your Resonant Field. You will be pulled off center but with daily care, it will become easier to return to your Resonant Field and it will continue to strengthen with practice.

The best thing we can do for ourselves, those we care about and the consciousness of this planet is to stay in alignment with our Higher Selves and with the Divine Source. A strong Self-Care Routine supports that alignment and has the potential to create a new reality of Heaven on Earth!




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Jesus and the Goddess

I felt that I finally had the complete picture when I now had the love of the Goddess alongside the love of God.

Source: Jesus and the Goddess

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